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#16) Early SA Dagger-Eickhorn

Very nice anodized scabbard with no dents.  Wood handle has no chips and is well fitted to the nickel fittings.  Reverse of crossguard has “HE”.  Blade is excellent & possibly is a ground Rohm, Eickhorn logo shows buffing.  Overall 9  $600.00 -- Sold


#17) Early SA Dagger-F. Dick

Nice anodized scabbard with a small dent at lower fitting.  Scabbard rates 75%.  Dark wood handle has no chips & fits the excellent nickel  fitting well.  Reverse of crossguard has “WM”.  Blade is very nice with no problems.  Has hanger & belt loop.  Overall 8+  $500.00 -- Sold


#18) Early SA Dagger-Bell

Excellent anodized scabbard with one dent on reverse.  Dark wood grip has no chips & fits the nickel fittings well.  Reverse of crossguard has “BO”.  Blade is without any problems and is a ground Rohm.  Grinding has made Bell logo very faint.  Comes with very nice hanger and belt loop.  Overall 9  $600.00 -- Sold


#19) Early SA Dagger-Heller

Anodized scabbard is fair.  Has most of lacquer but missing a spot of anodization on front.  Grip fit to fitting is poor & eagle fitment is poor.  All scabbard screws are missing.  Crossguard marked “B”.  Blade has some staining but is fair.  Overall 5  $300.00 -- Sold


#20) Late SA Dagger RZM 7/68-1941

Painted scabbard is excellent with no dents & excellent fittings.  Wood handle has no dents & fitment to cross guard is only o.k.  Grip eagle is late aluminum type.  Blade is very nice with only slight spotting.  Has a very nice hanger.  Overall 9  $750.00 -- Sold


#21) Late SA Dagger RZM 7/2

Excellent medium brown painted scabbard with very nice fitting.  Dark brown grip has one small chip & fits the nickel fittings well. “TH” on the reverse of crossguard.  Blade is excellent. Has hanger.  Overall 9  $600.00 -- Sold


#22) Early SS Dagger Boker

Black re-painted scabbard with very nice fittings.  Nice grip with one chip up by the SS.  Blade is nice with minor spotting.  Reverse of cross guard has “I”.  Blade motto is very nice.  It would be hard to find a decent SS for this money!  Overall 7  $2200.00 -- Sold


#23) RAD Leader Alcoso

Excellent scabbard with no dents.  Grip plate are without any problems.  Some flaking to eagle head pommel.  This is common to these daggers.  Blade is excellent with nice motto.  Overall 8+  $1500.00 -- Sold


#24) RAD Hewer-Eickhorn

Painted scabbard is nice with minor scratches to reverse.  Lower scabbard fitting has a few dents.  All fitting screws are missing.  Stag handle is very nice.  Blade is very nice.  Overall 7  $700.00 -- Sold

#25) Red Cross Leader (Social Welfare)

Has hanger and portepee.  This dagger is like new in all aspects except lagnet was broken when I got it so it’s glued together.  Lagnet can be replaced.  Never bothered me enough to do.  Hangers  are “Social Welfare” type.  Overall 8  $2200.00 -- Sold


#26) Deluxe Hunting Association-Alcoso

This is the deluxe very rare short model & is a real jewel.  Impossible to up-grade.  Has original leather frog with green stitching.  A fine addition to any museum or collection.  Overall 10  $7500.00


#27) Early Army Dagger-Paul Weyersberg

Silver scabbard & fittings orange grip.  Dagger is near mint condition with no problems.  Mint blade.  Has deluxe “DRGM” hangers & portepee.  Hard to up-grade.  Overall 9  $1050 -- Sold


#28) NSFK or DLLV Glider Pilot Dagger-Heller

Near mint only a couple scuffs to grip leather, blue leather scabbard is excellent.  No dents to fittings.  Has hanger & belt loop.  Has rare NSFK insignia on scabbard throat.  Overall 9  $1200.00 -- Sold


#29) 1st model Luftwaffe-SMF

Excellent overall full guilt on swastika.  Mint blade, near mint grip.  Only a few dents to scabbard.  Hard to up-grade.  Has portepee & chain hanger.  Overall 8+  $1250.00 -- Sold


#30) 2nd Model Luftwaffe-SMF

Overall, a very nice dagger with only a couple chips in orange grip.  Mint scabbard & blade.  Traces of guilt to Swastikas on pommel.  Comes with deluxe hangers & portepee.  Overall 8+  $950.00 -- Sold


#31) 2nd Model Luftwaffe-Clemen & jung

Near mint condition.  No chips to white handle.  No dents to scabbard.  Blade is in mint condition.  Overall 9  $700.00 -- Sold


#32) 2nd Model  Luftwaffe

Excellent condition.  White handle with no chips with wire intact.  Mint condition on the blade.  What is unique about this piece, is the dagger fittings are black or very dark gray?  Scabbard is perfect.  Overall 8  $700.00


#33) Navy-Eickhorn

Old model shows some age.  Has a few hairline cracks to grip & few dents to scabbard.  The rest of this dagger is very nice with etched blade, nice pommel.  Comes with portepee, hangers & “Under Tunic Belt”.  A respectable piece.  Overall 6  $1000.00 -- Sold


#34) Red Cross Subordinate

Very nice blade, nice grips, good pommel, good crossguard, repainted scabbard.  Overall 5  $500.00 -- Sold


#35) Police Bayonet-P.D. Luneschloss

Very nice heavy  old piece.  Mint scabbard & blade.  Period shortened piece has frog, miss-matched serial numbers.  Overall 7+  $750.00 -- Sold

#36) Luftwaffe Miniature-SMF DRGM

9” long.  Overall, this dagger is like new & has portepee & original cardboard display box.  Blade has “Besmer-Teppiche” on it.  Cannot be up-graded.  Overall 10  $1000.00 -- Sold


#37) Hitler Youth Knife-CAM-Solingen

Excellent, overall has motto on blade.  Perfect grip, 90% scabbard paint, great leather.  Hard to up-grade.  Overall 9  $650.00


#38) Hitler Youth Knife-RZM m7/80

Very nice Hitler Youth.  Very nice plain blade.  Perfect grip.  60% scabbard paint, nice leather.  A great piece.  Overall 8  $450.00 -- Sold

#39) Hitler Youth Knife-Brother’s  Bell

99% scabbard paint.  Scabbard is slightly flattened.  Nice blade with motto, nice grip, nice fittings & leather.  A nice piece.  Overall 8  $550.00 -- Sold


#40) Hitler Youth Knife-C & R Linder

Nice plain blade, 80% scabbard paint, nice grips but insignia is loose.  Pommel shows wear at strap, nice leather.  A nice piece.  Overall 7  $400.00 -- Sold


#41) Short dress Bayonet-Eickhorn

Very nice etched blade-one side.  Grips are perfect.  Scabbard is 90%.  Slotted hilt is nice with working button & red felt in slot.  Overall 8  $325.00 -- Sold


#42) Long dress bayonet-A. Evertz

A very nice bayonet with mint brown frog.  Overall 8+  $100.00 -- Sold


#43) Long Dress Bayonet-E. Pack & Sohne

Mint blade with Seysen Amberg.  Opposite side at hilt (owner’s name?).  Red felt in slot.  Near mint, has black frog.  Overall 9+  $150.00 -- Sold


#44) Fighting Knife (No Maker)

Short bayonet syle, no slot, fighting knife leather hanger.  Nice wood grips.  Repainted scabbard.  Overall 4  $50.00 -- Sold


#45) Fighting Knife (Skinning Knife)-Kuno Ritter

Smooth stag handle with brown leather scabbard.  Mint shiny blade.  Near mint!!  Overall 9+  $250.00


#46) Fighting Knife (Skinning Knife)-L. Zeile

Stag handle, black leather scabbard & nice sharp blade.  Overall 7+  $100.00

#50) Imperial long Fireman’s Dagger-WKC

Mint saw tooth blade.  Very nice scabbard.  All fittings near perfect.  Grip is great but wire is loose.  No frog.  Overall 9  $800.00 -- Sold


#55) Imperial Shooting Cutlass (No Maker)

Very weak acid etched blade is fair.  Scabbard is very nice.  Stag grip missing acorn.  Tip of crossguard has one hoof broken off.  Overall 4  $100.00


#56) Imperial Machete

Matching #45, wood handle, black hard leather scabbard ? brass fittings.  Blade marked 1912 & has been used. About 25” long.  Overall 6  $150.00 -- Sold


#59) OSS Stiletto with Documentation

From OSS man. “Pancake Turner” type of scabbard.  Comes with OSS Agents Documentation as well as a copy of his obituary.  Excellent piece. As nice as I have seen.  Overall 9 Price on Request


#59A) Army-Alcoso

Yellow handle with small chunk missing on reverse.  Blade is nice but has been shortened.  Scabbard is very nice.  Pommel , cross guard & hangers are nice.  Overall 5+  $450.00


#60) WWII Chinese Army Nationalist Officer’s Dagger

Yellow flat grip with all wire in tact.  Silver scabbard is very nice with no dents.  Scabbard & dagger fittings are excellent.  Blade is very good.  Has hanger.  Overall 9 $ 400.00


#61) Heer Officer Dagger-Eickhorn

Perfect blade.  Scabbard is old type, silver with one small dent.  Orange grip is mint.  Has portepee.  Overall 9+  $675.00 -- Sold


#70) Navy-Paul Weyersberg

Plain blade is fine, lightning bolt scabbard is straight with most of finish remaining.  White grip & wire are great.  Cross guard is o.k.  Pommel is broken.  Has a rough old portepee.  Overall 5  $300.00 -- Sold


#72) Luftwaffe 2nd Model

White grip with wire.  Stained blade, pommel is glued, missing scabbard.  Overall 2  $50.00 -- Sold

#75) Old Knight's of Columbus sword by MC Lilley.  Etched blade, chrome scabbard with red cross, helmet-head with chain. 5 $100 -- Sold

#76) US Machete by Legitimus-Coluns, 1942.  Black Bakelite grip, nice blade, very nice leather scabbard. 7    $75. 

#77) Very nice Excellent SA Dagger by ABR. Scnittert Solingenwald. Perfect anodized? Scabbard. Perfect grip, perfect nickel crossguards marked WF. Very nice blade. Hard to upgrade. Has perfect hanger. 9. $1200. 

#78) Excellent chained SS dagger (no maker). Early anodized scabbard. Perfect grip and fittings. Blade is good with a few nicks and has possibly been sharpened. Chain is great with SS runes on 1st top link. Hanger clasp spring is broken. Dagger has portapee. 9. $9500.

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