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HS1) Browing high power holster. WWII vintage. Fits tangent site pistol. Very nice. $300

HS2) Luger holster waffen marked and possibly 1940? Maker marked with tool and clip (clip number 5183). Excellent condition. $400.

HS3) P38 holster. Waffen marked 1942. J.I.N. Hard shell, has a clip, dark brown. Very nice. $350.

HS4) Luger holster. Black 1917. Broken stitching on back. Has tool. Nice. $300.

HS5) Luger holster. 1938. Waffen marked. Maker marked. Very nice. $350.

HS6) Luger holster. 1941. Black. Has tool, broken (pullout) cord. Mint other than that. $300.

HS7) WWII Japanese nambu. Type 14 holster. Excellent. $400.

HS8) Browning high power, Belgian military police holster. Pre-WWII. Rare. Excellent. $250.

HS9) Husqvarna lahti holster. Has 1 tool. Nice. $75.

HS10) US Model 1911 holster. 1917 Warren Leather Goods. Brown. Excellent. $100.

HS11) Bolo Mauser holster (broom handle). Excellent. $100.

HS12) US M1911 holster. Black. Marked Sears on the back. Excellent. $100

HS13) US M1911 holster. 1917 Warren Leather Goods. The US on it is very weak. Fair condition. $50.

HS14) Hunter belt holster. M1100-40. Brown. Very nice. $30.

HS15) Bucheimer holster marked BPM.45? Black. Excellent. $50.

HS16) P38 holster. Waffen marked FKSI 1941. Missing latch strap and missing list strap. Fair condition. $100.

HS17) P38 holster. Waffen marked 1942. Broken latch strap. Fair condition. $150.

HS18) Hunter belt holster model 1100R14. Brown. Very nice. $30.

HS19) German Lugar Holster - 1914  Dark brown.  Complete marked D13 1914.  Very nice. 9 $350

HS20) German Lugar Holster - Larsen Berlin 1929. Very nice, dark brown, complete.  Also marked.  L. kg. 216. 10 $400

HS21) German P-38 Holster. gxy 1945.  Black leather.  Comes with clip. Excellent (soft-shell-type). 10 $300

HS22) German P-38 Holster. Marked dlc44.  Dark brown leather.  Excellent (soft-shell-type). 10  $400

HS23) German P-38 Holster.  Black pebbled soft leather.  Unmarked.  Comes with clip. Excellent. 10  $350

HS24) Bucheimer pacemaker PM15 revolver holster. Belt-style. Black or very dark red. Very nice. $50

HS25) Hunter belt holster. Model 1100-12. Brown. Fits a small gun. Very nice. $30.

HS26) HH Heiser-Denver revolver holster. Dark brown. Very nice. $50.

HS27) Buffalo revolver belt-style holster. Fancy pattern. Dark brown. Excellet. $75.

HS28) Vintage HH Heiser double-loop holster. Excellent condition. $175.

HS29) Smith & Wessen belt holster. Model 19-07. Brown. Excellent condition. $50.

HS30) Redhead vintage revolver holster in brown. Marked 207DB. Excellent. $75.

HS31) Hunter belt holster. Model 1100-34. Brown. Excellent. $30.

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