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H1) Civic Fire Police helmet

Square dip, double decal, painted black

Both decals are excellent, paint is 90%. 9 finger type liner is very good. Overall 7+ $250.00 -- Sold



H2) Paratrooper

Double decal M38 late 1938 production perfect interior & strap, mint decals, excellent paint, missing one bolt which are available near impossible to up-grade. Museum or advanced collection. Overall 9+ $15000.00 -- Sold



H3) Single decal Luftwaffe-combat M-40 gold eagle in very good condition rough textured blue-gray paint is 90% liner & strap are good. Overall 8 $700.00 -- Sold



H4) Heer—Combat EF-64

Single decal M40, rough finish is 80%, decal is fair, liner & strap are very good. Overall 7+ $450.00-- Sold



H5) Pith helmet (tropical)

Felt model, unissued condition, hard to upgrade. Overall 9+ $250.00 -- Sold



H6) WWII Japanese Helmet

Has star on front, exterior finish is 50%, liner is good, chin strap is missing. Overall 5 $500.00 -- Sold



H7) Heer-Combat

Single decal is 50%, finish is 80%, liner and strap are excellent. Overall 7 $300.00 -- Sold



H10) East German Paratrooper

Near perfect exterior paint, excellent gray harness & very nice liner with various people’s initials inked to liner helmet was probably issued several times. Overall 9 $250.00 



H11) East German Paratrooper

Similar to H-10 but a little nicer exterior paint but slightly rougher harness. Overall 8+ $200.00



H12) American-Vietnam Era M1 Helmet

Cloth camo cover, nice Westinghouse firberglass liner, chin strap shows wear. Overall 8 $75.00



H13) WWII American-Combat (later WWII 1941 – 43 Production)

Swivel bails, front seam, dark green alloy shell with 90% smooth glossy paint, excellent. Capac fiberglass liner with regimental decals on both sides, liner is missing chin strap. Overall 8 $300.00


H14) American Combat WWII.or Vietnam War era??

Very nice light green paint. Rough textured rear seam shell, green fiberglass liner by unknown manufacturer. Overall 9 $100.00

H15) WWII American Combat M1 (Early)

Dark green alloy shell with 80% paint, fixed bail, front seam with nice Westinghouse liner. Overall 8+ $300.00



H16) WW1 American-Interesting “Trench Art” 1918-19

France, Germany on yellow bands. U.S. flag on one side, French flag on the other side. Paint overall is only 50%, liner is complete but rough. Overall 4 $75.00 -- Sold



H17) WW1- U.S. or British

Rough texture, dark green with 60% paint. Nice interior & strap. Overall 7 $75.00 -- Sold



H18) WWII U.S. Civil Defense

Steel shell with slight dent on top. White paint is 95%, ink transfer logo is perfect. Canvas liner & strap are very nice. Overall 8+ $200.00



H19) WW1 U.S. or British

Similar to H-17 but top button missing. Nice interior & strap. Overall 6 $100.00



H20) WW1 U.S.

Camo painted green(s) alloy shell is 90%. Black “coated” canvas liner is rough. Canvas strap is rough. Overall 6+ $100.00



H21) WW1 U.S.

Rough texture, dark green alloy shell is 80%. This looks like a later made helmet. Liner is black coated canvas with rubber bumpers. Overall 8+ $125.00



H21-A) Civil Defense

White fiberglass shell is excellent. Civil Defense decal is 95%. Liner is missing center laceing. Overall 9 $100.00



H22) Non decal, blue-green paint is 60%. Liner is very good as well as chin strap. 414?? Stamped inside. Overall 4 $200.00 -- Sold

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