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F1) Luft Command Flag.  Fliegerhorftkomm & Dantur Detmold.  Schellenbaum drape.  This is only the second one of these I’ve seen.  The Ruptured Duck has the other except the finials on mine are not crushed.  He’s asking $13,400.00 for his.  Mine has one nail hole where it was once hung.  It’s in the white leather that wraps the rod.  Overall 8  $7500.00


F2) 9 x 12 triangular hanging pennant.  Party colors, red triangle with white disc with swatstika in denter.  Black & white cord borner, chrome rod.  Overall 9  $65.00 -- Sold


F3) Podium banner about 42” x 50”.  Red cloth with gold bullion border & gold swatskika in center.  Has one fringe end, top or bottom?  Marked Kreistag 1942 Grevenmacher.  Overall, very good 8  $1200.00


F4) REPRODUCTION Kriegs flag-Naval 60 x 90 cm.  Rekhskriegsfahne across the top.  Overall 10  $100.00 -- Sold


F5) Kriegs flag-Naval.  Approx. 3’ x 6 1/2’.  Moth eaten.  Overall 5  $200.00 -- Sold


F6) Party banner.  Approx. 45” x 72”.  Red, white & black swatzstika.  White disc is sewn on to red banner on both sides.  Excellent condition.  Overall 9+  $400.00 -- Sold


F7) Giant party banner 23’ x 4’.  Red cloth, white disc with black swatskitas sewn on both sides.  Damage to one corner.  The rest is excellent.  Could be re-sized to eliminate damage.  It’s Huge!  Overall 8  $300.00 -- Sold


F8) Party banner, large.  Approx. 4’ x 16’.  Red cloth, white disc with black swatstikas sewn on both sides.  Minor damage.  Overalll 7  $250.00 -- Sold

F9) Like new Kriegsmarine battle flag. Measures 59"x98". Marked LOH.KR-FL 150x250. Flag is perfect in all regards. Impossible to upgrade. 10. $750.00

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