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Japanese Swords

80) Wakizash.  Approx. 15” blade.  Rusted tang is signed.  Straight temper line blade only in Shrasaya mounts.  Overall 9  $400.00 -- Sold


81) Wakizash.  Approx. 18”.  Blade un signed.  Irregular temper line large point.  Warrior face on Tsuba in gold?  Plain copper Habaki.  Shark or ray skin grip is cloth wrapped with priest faces under cloth wrap on both sides.  Deer on pommel.  Wood scabbard missing Kozuka.  Blade is in mint condition.  8+  $600 -- Sold


82) Katana.  Approx.  24”.  Un signed blade.  WWII Japanese Marine Officer’s sword.  Mint blade with wavy temper line.  Black wood scabbard in fair condition.  Solid black tsuba.  Grip is missing shark skin but has very good brown cloth wrap. $700 -- Sold


83) Katana.  Approx. 27”.  Signed blade.  Wavy temper line, very nice blade.  Shark skin with brown wrap.  Brass tsuba.  Nice wood scabbard. $900 -- Sold


84) Katana with signed tang.  Approx. 27”.  Bright blade with wavy temper.  Nice shark skin grip with dark brown wrap.  Brass tsuba.  Very dark brown wood scabbard.  $900 -- Sold


85) Katana.  Un signed.  Approx 26”.  Blade is very nice with no temper line observed.  Tang seems old & has crudely shortened.  Leather covered scabbard is very nice.  Overall      $500 


86) Katana.  Signed.  Approx 26”.  Blade is dull with a few blackened spots.  Brass tsuba.  Shark skin grip with brown wrap.  Black wood scabbard has leather cover.  Blade has wavy temper line.  $800 -- Sold


87) Wakizashi.  21 ½” un signed blade.  Nice blade with wavy temper.  Seems old at tang.  Iron tsuba.  Leather covered scabbard.  No grip present.  $400 -- Sold


88) Katana.  Non-commissioned officer type.  Dark blade, metal scabbard with metal handle.  Average condition.  Overall 6  $300.00 -- Sold


89) Katana.  Calvary NCO Officer.  Metal scabbard (re-painted black).  Wood checkered grips, one of which is cracked 3” matching #5 on scabbard & blade.  No temper line is observed on nice, but darkened blade.  Rare!  $900.00 -- Sold


90) Wakizashi.  21 ¼” un-signed blade.  Wavy temper line on nice bright blade, blue wrap over shark skin grip & has kozuka.  Nice wood scabbard & iron tsuba.  -- Sold


91) Katana.  27” blade in storage mounts.  Nice, signed old blade, large wave temper line $2200.00 -- Sold

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