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#1) Army Prinz Eugen-Eickhorn

Perfect blade, scabbard near perfect with only one spot of missing paint on reverse about the size of a dime. Hilt is very nice with traces of wear plating which is common to this model, but is still better than most! Comes with green portepee. Excellent condition. Overall 9 $1000 -- Sold

#2) Army Blucher Lion Head-Eickhorn

Nice blade with one “nick”. Scabbard is near 100% paint, hilt is excellent, grip has one loose strand of wire. Only comes with red, black & green portepee. Overall 8 $600

#3)Army Scharnhorst Puma Head-Eickhorn

Blade is only fair with some small “Spots”. Scabbard is perfect, hilt is very nice with only a few plateing worn areas. Grip is perfect. Overall 8 $600.00

#4) Army Roon-Eickhorn

Excellent hilt with optional Wehrmacht Eagle on langnet. Perfect grip, perfect blade & great scabbard. Hard to up-grade. Overall 9+ $750.00

#5) Customs Model 1016 Lion Head-WKC

Very nice hilt. Grip is near perfect with only a few loose wires which is hard to see. Blade is perfect, scabbard paint is 90% with two small dents. Comes with leather hanger. Overall 8+ $1500.00

#6) Imperial Cavalry- Weyersberg. Lion Head with Panther Quilon

Very nice old heavy hilt. Perfect grip & wire, mint double etched blade. Scabbard paint is 70%. Comes with old leather knot. Overall 9 $675.00

#7) Imperial Cavalry Model 1312 Leopard Head-Eickhorn

Excellent hilt. Perfect grip with all wire. Mint blade, scabbard , paint is 75%. Has a gold cloth portepee. Overall 8 $650.00

#8) Army Model #40 Fire Officials Dove Head-Eickhorn

Sabre worn plating on 50% of hilt, mint grip & wire, mint blade. 95% paint on scabbard. Has cloth knot. Overall 7+ $250.00

#9) Imperial Prussian (No Maker)

Nickeled folding “Basket” hilt in nice condition. Great grip with all wire. Nice triple etched blade with a very small amount of flaking. Blade has blued panel “Hanover Train Battalion No. 10”. Scabbard paint is perfect. Probably re-paint. Overall 7 $250.00 -- Sold


#10) Prussian Officer’s Sword Model 89 Folding Guard-WKC

Damascus blade with presentation to Commander Flory 15.12.16 (Date) . A special piece. Overall 9+ $5500.00


#11) Nazi Police Degen-_Herm Rath

Has SS proof on blade. Copper type emblem on grip with a very nice blade. Very nice scabbard, perfect grip, perfect plating on hilt. Has police type knot which is new. Overall 8 $1200.00


#12) Naval Officer Model 40-WKC

Has red/green eyes, plain blade (No problems with this)hard to find. Overall 10 $1800.00 -- Sold

#13) Luftwaffe Sword-Weyersberg

Aluminum model, unissued condition with only a few nicks in the scabbard. Like new condition. Couldn’t up-grade. 100% guilt on swastika. Overall 10 $1300.00  -- Sold

#14) Luftwaffe-Alcoso

Early silver model. Mint blade, nice scabbard with perfect grip &wire. Traces of guilt on crossguard swastikas, none of pommel swastikas. Overall 7+ $1000.00 -- Sold

#15) Luftwaffe-SMF

Aluminum model with perfect grip. Perfect scabbard but missing hanger. Blade is weak having been a little pitted, so now is darkened. No guilt present of swastikas. Overall 6+ $600.00 -- Sold

#51) Imperial Postal Court Sword-Lorenz Stanko Muchen

Long straight narrow (Degan type) blade with (In Treu Fast) on both sides of the blade. Blade has some black staining. Scabbard is excellent. Grip wire is loose. Hand guard is missing emblem. All other fittings are great. Overall 6 $75.00 -- Sold

#54) Royal Bavarian Infantry Officer’s Sword

Engraved panel on both sides of blade with (In Treu Fast) on both sides of the blade. Silver hilt shows wear. Grip & wire are great. Scabbard paint is 75%. Blade has spot about the size of a quarter that is pitted at hilt where maker’s mark would have been. Overall 5 $475.00

#59B) Army –Eickhorn

Zieten Dove Head Type. Blade would be mint if not for a few (Sword Fighting) nicks, hilt plating is weak. Grip & wire are perfect. Scabbard is 80%. Comes with a well worn green/silver knot. Overall 7 $500.00

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